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The Must Have Road Trip App

Book a car hire with us and take along some pretty useful stuff to pack! Anytime is the perfect timing to think about holidays and new adventures. If your from the other side of the world and winter is drawing in, this gives you an even better excuse to go wandering in Europe and beyond- and why not?

Worried you might feel a bit lost? I just might have the App + the map!







exploring with bon voyage abroad

All is not lost!

Europe is a huge place to explore- there isn’t any shortage of places you can reach within driving distance. Why not enjoy the views as you go as you go along? Give yourselves plenty of time to rest and you just might find that perfect place you are looking for. Read on how it wont be as hard as you think even if you are coming from a foreign country……


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So where do I start?

If your coming from the other side of the world- it might be worth looking into car hire or motorhome hire/RV hire. Before you go, click on Book My Trip and find the cheapest flights – Bon Voyage Abroad is is in partner by well known companies such as cheapflights, AirFrance, Booking. com Expedia and many others!




I am always looking for great deals to share with my readers! If you are coming from the UK- then you may also be interested in this app, as its just as useful and saves the time of manually guessing what the next stop may be like… Now introducing Campy……


Your on a road trip, your tired and and you suddenly stop and think you need somewhere to park somewhere safe for the night.


Why not find the perfect app for your holidays that is specifically is designed for the use of people in motor homes and otherwise driving?


Hit the play button to get more insight of using the app.


Find the best places to stay with Campy App!

Whether you’re looking for the best stop over in a tent, a motor home.or if your just stopping over for a night in a car hassle free, then this is for you and the best part about it-



So what do I get with Campy App?

You will be able to see campsite ratings, their amenities – whether they have a shower, electricity, do they allow pets and you will be able to see the price per night with their contact details. CLICK BELOW

I Have Never Rented A Car. Are They expensive?



There are lots of reputable companies over here in Europe well known and trusted by millions. Avis and Europcar are amongst the most popular while there are still many others that have just as good reviews. Prices vary on what type of car you want. If you’re looking for something a little flash- expect flashy prices. Over all- prices are reasonable. To check out prices click on booking car hire on our website! Best deals guaranteed. Bon Voyage will find you the cheapest car hire possible according to your budget.


Have you anywhere in particular in mind for this year?


Have you any experiences you wish to share ?



Looking fora road trip? Why not check out prices on car hire and book your flights now- we will put you straight through for the best deals today!

Wishing you the best for your holidays

Suzy @ Bon Voyage Abroad

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