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Car hire is a great way to get around on short trips or whilst you are abroad. Save the time using public transport and simply throw your things in he boot- and away you go.


From the beach to your hotel, pick a car which is right for your budget and taste.


With our top car hire, you will be able to fish out the best deals on the internet.


Drive your way through Europe, See the states in America, shrimp on the barbie in Australia. Where ever you go, a holidays even better with car hire!


Going camping? Don’t forget to pack the Campy app from our other blog which tells you the nearest campsites, the nearest places you can fill up your RV/camper van/motor home and all local amenities in Europe.


Package holidays are fun but we can tell you- road trips are just as amazing. That is what is different about this kind of holiday. Planes fly through the air but you don’t really get to see anything. Much of the scenery is missed. With a car, you can simply take your time to take it all in and appreciate each and every stop.


If you are not sure where to go, see our books in store. They cover lots of travel information for hundreds of destinations- much more than we have ever visited. The great news about our fare compare- you get the cheapest prices there is from top companies who also have great customer service.


How To Book


Type in your dates and destination and we will find the best and cheapest car  hire there is available. You will be taken to the best website and price. It really is that simple! Choose your budget and style on their website, pay online and voila!




What if I need assistance once I am out on hire?


If you have a question about your car or if you encounter something you need, you must contact the depot where you get your car from. This is because BVA Bookings directs you to the best prices only. From then on, you need to speak to an advisor.



I need to be picked up from an airport- will car hire companies do this?


It’s common that people go to another country and need transport and there’s no better way than hiring your own car! So the answer to your question is yes- you choose your destination and then your free to go!




I am going on a business trip. Can I hire luxury cars?


Of course! Whatever your budget, you have the right to choose which is the best car for you according to budget and style.




What is the longest I can hire a car for?

This varies. It can be for a couple of days to a month. If you require longer, it is best to talk to the car provider you choose. Perhaps you may be able to talk then into a longer deal.


We hope that we have got most of your questions covered. If you are unsure of anything regarding your car, please speak to your car provider.

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