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    Susan Kiely, the founder of BVA Bookings found her niche working in the travel & tourism industry. Campsites, hotels and for motorhome companies.



    After booking many trips online, she wanted to create something different. A travel site you can engage with others and add face value with great customer service.




    ”So many sites you can book your travel but nothing on there tells a personal story” she said. ”After moving to France and travelling around it all started with a travel blog and summer store. Once it was quite a hobby she enjoyed but then I realised she wanted to see a more fun approach to booking holidays online’


    ”I wanted to create a site where you can book all your travel- it makes it so much easier from one site. Booking should be exciting- its where your holiday really begins”



    In 2017 her ideas expanded.



    ”I wanted to create more than just a travel blog by to help others find great holidays with the best prices”



    Then the All Travel Fare Compare was born.


    ‘Since I was already selling things, I thought why not put the whole thing together!” She continued.



    ”People can now book their holidays,  join in with our interactive blogs, shop for their holidays and also grow a travel community”



    ”It doesn’t end there” She says. I will continue to find other ways to be unique in the travel industry and to fulfill the needs of customers. I have been working on a social site- which many- would find bizarre as its unheard of with travel booking!



    Why? It’s a place you can either use like any other social site or use it like a community you can share your holiday experiences. ”I want to change the way people book. Many just book and forget about the site they booked from. It should be made more fun than that! I would love to see people sharing their holiday snaps and seeing how they get on. I think its important to throw some fun into it. I believe people go to sites that are worth it. I believe there is a lot of potential here to create a fun community”


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