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Places To Stay World Wide For FREE !




What if I told you there ARE some ways you can just pay for travel and on you go with some free accommodation?

Many years ago, our 6 month summer job ended and we was wondering how and where to stay. It was then I came across a website Mind My House which offered free accommodation to look after the properties and some wanted others looking after their animals. This is referred as House Sitting.

If you are looking after animals be sure that you are an animal lover first!


Have an idea of your destination? Check out our price range- be sure to find the best price for you!




Some are amazing- Some are basic-it depends on what you are looking for!


What is required to stay

Mind my house is a world wide website where homeowners need someone to take care of their property and animals for FREE Sometimes you are asked to do some maintenance work, such as gardening or a little painting but not always- this depends on each owners needs. Some like having someone at home while they are away on holiday just to make sure the property is lived in and more secure. This can deter people from breaking in or that if anything happens, someone is there to report the problem.



It’s a win win really- you get to visit places you have never been and they get home security and their animals looked after. One thing I do advise- do not look after animals that are not in your expertise, like horses etc if you have never looked after them. You may run into problems and this is not a good way to build up good references for future house sitting. Stay familiar with animals you have owned and if your applying for a maintenance job, make sure you have the skills to back it up. House sitting varies- from 2 days, a week, 2 weeks, a month or a year. Just make sure you already have some kind of money to keep you going a little while. Some owners are quite generous though, leaving you food and everything you need- but don’t expect it.

What was my experience?


I had an awesome experience in a country cottage house once – cosy log fires, indoor swimming pool- it was a beautiful country house. I looked after a dog, such a happy little thing. Spiral staircase and all the things I could of ever wanted. We loved the house so much we wished it was ours! Over all, a lovely stay and the owner gave us a tip for helping. There are some owners that do give you money, but for free rent- we was not complaining!
We paid the $20 membership, we was skeptical but still went ahead.



After messaging a few people in areas we thought was easy and accessible, we waited for a response. After a day or two, we accepted our preferred location and tasks and the final decision was made. We have used this site many times- always had no complaint- please note this depends on user experience. For paying a one off subscription- its definitely worth it. There are hundreds of pet sitting sites also, so have a look around and see which one is right for you.

The first one was great, more than our expectations. It was warm wood and a lovely scenery. The others have been amazing.

Now- This could be you!
Why House sit?
You can go on holiday anywhere- find your dream destination and book your travel


Just pick a place to travel, arrange your stay and cut the cost in hotels




Find a housit near a beach and voila!

Find the perfect spot for your holidays and voila!

How do I find a place to stay?

You will find many websites on the internet that requires owners looking for house sitters depending on where you live in the world just google house sitters.


Recommended house sitting websites




What are the pros of house sitting?

Free rent, some in luxurious places and not paying any expense of luxury hotels.  Privacy, peace and sunshine is all yours!


What are the Cons of house sitting

In all due respect, you must leave the property as you found it. I have very good references for giving it back as clean as I got it due to my high standards and and that i appreciate them in the first place. If you do not do this, owners are not going to be happy. Make sure that you are going as yourself or a couple or people in the house that they know of.



Name any where in the world you want to go- house sit!



Anything is possible without paying the expense of hotels……
Plan ahead, view the right place for you and off you go!

Leave comment below we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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