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Worth The Travel In Australia’s Summer

    The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful white beaches, hot summers and towering skyscrapers. If your planning a trip for the summer holidays, make sure you don’t miss out on all the great things to see and do! Looking for some quiet time? Find Places to relax     Pick up your

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Top 5 Hottest Destinations To Go All Year Round

Not sure of where to go this year? I thought I would put together some places to visit hot all year round, beautiful and affordable for flights and hotels. We know that Australia is an obvious one, so lets take a look at the others.   I had to mention France first- as that’s where

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The Must Have Road Trip App

Book a car hire with us and take along some pretty useful stuff to pack! Anytime is the perfect timing to think about holidays and new adventures. If your from the other side of the world and winter is drawing in, this gives you an even better excuse to go wandering in Europe and beyond-

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Places To Stay World Wide For FREE !

      What if I told you there ARE some ways you can just pay for travel and on you go with some free accommodation? Many years ago, our 6 month summer job ended and we was wondering how and where to stay. It was then I came across a website Mind My House

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Travel Books You Must Read

I’ve been picking up a lot of random books lately.   This can often be hit or miss. I can’t count the times I’ve picked up books only to go “Well, that was terrible.” However, this current stretch has produced some wonderful books and, since it’s been a while since I’ve done a best-books round-up,

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